It's a practice journal, that talks to you.

Practice It allows music students and teachers alike to keep record of all of their practices. It doesn't matter if you are learning 3 instruments, 10 pieces, different genres or doing technical work, Practice It is designed to allow for all of this and more.

I'm a music teacher, how can Practice It help me?

  • Lesson calendar that syncs with your students
  • Attendance tracking
  • Practice history
  • Easy to use student learning reporting

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Practice It now offers School licenses for 8+ students

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Practice It has a great set of features for both students and teachers.


As you practice, a range of reports and graphs will begin appearing to help you visualize your practice routine.


A built-in achievement system helps students to earn badges and share them with friends on social media to further reinforce and encourage good practice habits.


Assign a teacher and get access to your lesson calendar to remind you of your next lesson as well as lesson notes from your last lesson each time you start your practice.


Once selected by your student, you can begin to create lessons that will appear in the students calendar and also give feedback for each lesson.

Sort & Arrange

Your pieces are grouped by genres, lists and instruments so you can easily focus your practice on the areas you choose.

Upcoming features

We have exciting new features on the way such us printable reports and a practice timeline to visualise practice history.


Practice It has a great set of features for both students and teachers. All pricing in Australian Dollars.


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  • $0 / forever!
  • Always Free
  • 1 Instrument
  • 3 Pieces & Exercises
  • 24/7 free support


for students preparing for exams or that learn more than one instrument.

  • only $15 per year!
  • 2 Instruments
  • 15 Pieces & Exercises
  • 24/7 free support


for actively performing musicians who have an extensive repertoire.

  • only $25 per year!
  • Unlimited Instruments
  • Unlimited Pieces & Exercises
  • 24/7 free support


Manage your student lessons and check their musical progress.

  • only $40 per year!
  • 30 day free, no-commitment trial
  • Professional features
  • Student management
  • 24/7 free support
Everyone starts with a Free Account and then you can upgrade/downgrade once signed in!

Upgrade to a paid plan to support young musicians

$1 from every subscription, every month, goes towards buying instruments for music students that cannot afford them.

Available on your web-enabled device

Whether you are practicing at home and have your phone, or at a music lesson in school on your tablet, you can track your practice and pick up from where you left off.

Feedback that is encouraging

Ever had trouble staying motivated with your music practice? Set performance dates for your pieces and you will begin to get feedback and acheivements as you reach your goal.